Remote Services

I can help even if you want to keep your distance…

Remote Home Staging

I have made DIY staging even easier by offering remote staging. With this service, you only need to provide me with a little information. Within 3 business days you will have a 3D image of your new room design + a staging report that outlines exactly what you need to do to get ready to show your home.

I can help you stage just 1 room or the whole house. It’s completely up to you. Some clients will find that after having a few rooms staged, they can proceed on their own. Of course, if you realize later that you need more help, you can always book additional rooms later.

After you purchase your Remote Staging Package, you will receive a confirmation email requesting room photos and floor plans. A sample floor plan is shown below.

4 Room Remote Staging

I recommend this package to start because you can focus on the key areas – Livingroom, kitchen, the main bedroom, and 1 bathroom. Cleaning and decluttering advice will be included. Those two steps must be completed before staging can begin.

After you have tackled these projects you should feel confident enough to stage the rest of your home. Follow up emails are always welcome. There will be questions so don’t be shy about asking.

Ready to book? Just select the number of rooms below.

Here’s a simple floor plan sketch. Your plan doesn’t have to be as detailed.

Floor Plan Example
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